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  I offer a range of psychic readings and spiritual counselling sessions, which focus on a number of different areas. You may like to explore problems in your relationship, or you may wish to discuss new opportunities in your life. Whatever you are seeking, your psychic readings or spiritual counselling with Alexandra M, is a safe, non-judgmental space where you can find the answers that you need.





Spiritual Readings



Love and Relationship Readings

Compatibility, finding your soul mate and building deeper connections within your relationship are just a few of the areas that we can explore together. I specialise in being able to hear and understand the thoughts and feelings of others, so if you’re trying to understand what that certain person is thinking, a love and relationship reading is an excellent way to do that.


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Career and Business Readings

This reading is for anyone who has questions on any aspect of their career or business. You may have issues at work, in finding a job or seeking a promotion. You could be starting a new venture or expanding on a current one; these are just some of the areas that we can explore in your psychic reading. 


20 Minute Session  |  £20    Book Now

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General Readings

Sometimes you may seek clarity on multiple areas within a reading. In a general reading you can ask the spirit world about anything such as your home and family life, your work and your relationships.  Whatever you would like to discuss you will find just as much detail and clarity as in the other psychic readings I offer.


20 Minute Session  |  £20    Book Now

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Spiritual Counselling

Many of us a searching for a deeper relationship with not only ourselves but also with the spirits. This can be hard though if you don’t have someone to guide you through the process. In spiritual counselling we work with your guides and mine to develop your intuitions and your gifts. We can explore the different paths available to you and help you heal from some of the things that may have interrupted that natural connection with the spirits that we all have.


1 Hour Session  |  £60

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Follow Up 30 Minute Session  |  £30

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I’ve been reading with Alexander on and off for over 4 years and there is not one time during that period that she has let me down. I started my spiritual counselling sessions with her about 2 years ago and the changes I’ve seen within myself and my life are unbelievable. I have a new career, more confidence and belief in myself and I’m living life joyfully. Thank you will never be enough!






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Contact Alexandra M for a psychic reading and join me on the journey to unlock your true and full power. I offer psychic readings and spiritual counselling through the phone and Zoom.  I am based in Nottinghamshire, but wherever you are in the UK I am available to you.

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