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What Is Candle Magic?


  Candle magic is the use of candles, herbs and oils to affect a situation that you want to influence or change. The specific prescription for each spell is one led by spirit, who guides me on the best ingredients, candles and course of work needed. I have practised candle magic for myself and others for many years and have witnessed the incredible effects it can have on individuals and the issues they’re struggling to overcome.






There are a number of candle magic spells that I offer including:

  • Love spells
  • Career spells
  • Money and finance spells
  • Personal spells


I work with the light and believe in the principle of first, do no harm. So any work I do will always have positive and good intentions. Although I do defensive work when it is required, I require anyone wanting any spell work to book a consultation with me first to explore the best way to achieve your goals. 

Candle Magic Services Coming Soon






Ultimately, I want to support people who would like to help themselves using candle magic, which is why I will soon be opening a shop. I’ll be selling candles, herbs, tools and crystals for those who would like to do the spells themselves and I will also provide you with advice and guidance on the process.

Coming Soon


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If you have any questions about psychic readings, spiritual counselling or candle magic, please get in touch with me, Alexandra M.

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