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Supportive, Non-Judgmental and Always Honest

My spiritual journey began at a young age when I would feel other people’s emotions and hear what they were thinking. Being young and unaware I originally brushed this off as just me being sensitive or reading too much into things.

As I reached my teenage years, I was able to understand the power and comfort my spirituality provided, and how I was able to help others and myself through difficult situations when they arose.  I am passionate about helping and guiding people, which is why I started my professional career working as a counsellor and life coach, and I believe this experience enhances my readings.

I am named after my great grandmother and she is always with me in every reading I give. I have several guides and depending on the area we are looking, at least one of them will be with us during the session. In my psychic readings I use the Tarot  to make the initial connection and then work with spirit to reveal what’s happening on a deeper level.  As with many things in life if you only look at the surface level then you’ll never understand the full scope of what is going on.

I have been supporting people to grow in their personal power and navigate the different areas of their lives for over 12 years now. I believe we are all on a journey to find happiness, and my aim is always to empower you through the messages that my ancestors and spirit provide. 




How I Approach My Psychic Readings and Work with Spirit

I approach each reading I give with the intention of empowering you to move forward. Your reading is a place of non-judgment, clarity and direction. As a spiritual worker I believe I am here to serve spirit and the people I work with. You should, and can ask me anything, and together we will work with spirit to find the answers you seek.

When I start a reading, I will always have a glass of water and light a candle near me. The water is for clarity and the candle lights the way to the truth during the reading.


I, Alexandra M promise:

  • To always be non-judgmental.
  • That none of the information provided will be based on my opinion.
  • To be 100% honest about what I’m seeing.



How to Get the Most from Your Reading

  • Before you have your psychic reading, jot down the questions and areas you would like to explore.
  • During your reading, take notes. Sometimes a reading will provide you with so much information that you will need some time to process everything especially where there is guidance from spirits, which you may want to go over later.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions. This is your reading and the aim is to empower you to move forward so if you’re thinking about something, it is much better to let this out.
  • Remember this is your space and time to get the clarity you deserve.

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When I first came to Alexandra I was trying to figure out what was going on with my girlfriend and the mixed messages I was getting.  Within our first two readings we were doing better and I’m happy to say we are still in a relationship today. She’s helped me with my business and take things to the next level.  I can’t say enough good things about Alexandra M she been there through it all and always been patient and non-judgmental with every situation I’ve brought to the table.  Thanks Alexandra!